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Private sessions are approximately two hours and can be accomplished via telephone--all that is needed is a comfortable and quiet spot. Many people prefer to do phone sessions from their home where they feel especially safe and comfortable, enabling them to reach a deeper state of relaxation for maximum healing. Edward also receives clients in person in his Santa Fe, New Mexico office. (For more information about what to expect in a session scroll down this page.) Each session is specifically tailored to address the client's needs. In addition to his many years of experience and study, Edward is an intuit and has the ability to see and feel what his client is experiencing during the course of a healing session. This allows him to gently guide it toward an appropriate healing resolution. Edward follows his inner guidance to the non-ordinary realms where maximum healing and transformation can take place. Incredible insights into Self and quantum leaps in growth can be expected. He offers a range of methods and techniques, many of which he has personally developed.

Free private consultations can be scheduled to discuss how Multidimensional Healing could be applied to your specific concerns. Please inquire. First sessions are $250 (US) and last approximately three hours. Thereafter, sessions are $90 (US) per hour, usually around two hours. Payment can be made via check, money order, PayPal or Visa/Mastercard.

To arrange a private session or to inquire further about Multidimensional Healing and how it can change your life, please e-mail Edward at: erice132@aol.com or call him at 732-597-5954. or 505-404-0718, leave a message, and Edward will gladly return your call.

Life Coaching

Individual life counseling or coaching is also available. This involves periodic private sessions coupled with regularly scheduled phone conversations to assure that the client's reality creation is on track--advice, techniques and meditations are given to enhance and support life changes that are taking place. This is the most effective way to integrate Multidimensional Healing Sessions into daily life and to make the changes lasting ones. Most people find that once-a-month Multidimensional Healing sessions coupled with once-a-week phone coaching conversations are highly effective. However, schedules are tailored to meet the client's particular needs at any given time. One-hour coaching conversations are $60 (US).

Accelerated Sessions

Special arrangements can be made for clients who seek extraordinarily intensive work over a short period of time, for instance, visitors from out-of-town. Normally it is suggested that enough time be given in-between sessions to integrate the shifts and changes. However, sometimes it is appropriate to work through an issue with intensity. Private intensives have included professionals hampered in their work performance. For instance: A stockbroker fearful of making a trade; an athlete experiencing repeated injury; a creative artist breaking through writer's block.

What to Expect in a Private Session

A session always begins by discussing the client's current life concerns and pertinent personal history. After the we are both comfortable that the client has expressed all that needs to be talked about we begin the healing session. A llight trance is induced using progressive relaxation and visualization techniques to ensure that the body and mind are calm and centered. As the body and mind continue to relax, a guided visualization deepens the relaxation and narrows the conscious focus to the three bodies: the physical body with its feeling sense, the emotional body with its psychic sensations and the mental body with its sensations of thought. In the ideal altered state the client is very relaxed and, at the same time, in a hyper-aware state.

Emotions and feeling-sense are keys to accessing multidimensional aspects which include memories of "past" events. People who are in touch with their emotions and feeling-sense are able to cover much more in a single session. For those who have not previously been in touch with their emotions, discovering how to connect and work with them is an extremely important and empowering step on the road to self-discovery. The reasons for suppressing emotions commonly originate during the womb experience and can be discovered and healed.

During a private healing session multidimensional levels and aspects of Self are brought into play. Depending on the client's particular circumstances, unseen friends, counselors and/or past lives may come forward to participate. The inner child, inner infant and inner fetus are key participants. Higher Self, Soul and Spirit are always involved and meeting them for the first time is a moving and life-altering experience.

Re-traumatizing the bodies by reviving old emotions surrounding past traumatic events is unnecessary and undesirable. If a long-buried pain surfaces during a healing session, it can be viewed from another more gentle perspective. Then the trauma that currently surrounds it can be healed and released. The goal is to find a blockage and to heal it on all of the levels that it is affecting one's life. This is always an expansive experience, freeing old energy patterns and limitations. It can be expected that thought-provoking insights about one's life and multidimensionality will be gained during your session.

People often wonder if they will remember their experience. Very few people are somnambulistic (meaning that in a hypnotic state they go very deep and cannot recall the experience--often witnessed during popular stage hypnosis. An experienced hypnotherapist knows how to keep a somnambulist relaxed but alert.) All sessions are recorded onto CD so that they can be reviewed. Since the altered state can be similar to the meditative or dream state, where information is easily forgotten, a verbal record can be quite valuable for the purposes of retrieving details of an important insight. Also, because so much is covered in one session, it may be necessary to listen to the recording in order to remember it all. The CD can also be used as a learning tool since many of the methods used during the session can be repeated at home to deepen or continue the healing process.

For ultimate relaxation, comfortable clothing that covers the legs should be worn. Sessions are healing, informative, enlightening and enjoyable--look forward to a quantum leap in growth!

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To arrange a private session or to inquire further about Multidimensional Healing and how it can change your life, please e-mail Edward at: erice132@aol.com or call him at 732-597-5954. or 1-505-404-0718 and Edward will gladly return your call.

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