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Core Beliefs

From the moment of conception we begin to form core beliefs. These are belief structures that plant themselves on the subconscious level, often during an emotionally charged event. These powerful beliefs continue to run our lives, outside of our conscious awareness until they are identified and defused. Some commonly held core beliefs are: I'm unloveable; The world is a frightening place; Men/Women can not be trusted; Abundance is out of my reach. Until recently it was believed that we begin to form core beliefs only after entering our verbal stage of development but it has been proven that the fetus is a thinking, feeling being from the time of conception. Since thought and feeling are not limited to language, they are part of our developmental experience long before we begin to speak. Our foundational and most powerful core beliefs begin taking form from our thoughts and feelings as soon as we are conceived.

Each core belief is tied to and anchors many other emotional like-beliefs. They attach to each other by what can be visualized as an etheric thread. Since all events are occurring simultaneously (simultaneous "time"), multiple life experiences from the "current" lifetime all the way to "distant past" lifetimes can be connected by these etheric threads. When we follow or trace these emotional threads we can be led through a myriad of multidimensional and unexpected experiences as we travel to the anchoring core beliefs.

A core belief is like the first in a long line of dominos with each separate domino representing a belief or experience that is related in vibration to the central or core belief. Push the first domino (core belief) over and its momentum will topple all of the dominos (related lesser beliefs) that follow and depend upon it. Because many beliefs rest upon the foundational core belief, when the main or core belief is changed, all other related beliefs are affected. Finding and changing any of the lesser beliefs can be somewhat effective but a weed partially removed will quickly return. By finding and healing our most foundational negative beliefs, our root or core negative beliefs, we can make dramatic and rapid shifts in our lives.

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