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Preparation for Your Private Session

Your healing session will be 2 to 3 hours long. The time will go very quickly so please come prepared by reading the following questions and giving careful consideration to your answers. The more preparation you do prior to your session, the more you will benefit from it. A great deal can be covered in just one session, especially if you have pinpointed exactly which area of your life you want to address. The following questions are designed to help you focus on the current issues and past events that most prevent you from creating the life you wish to live. Make this exercise as simple and informative as you can--you are doing it for yourself. As we begin your session we will discuss your current life concerns as well as your dreams for the future.

  • Look at troublesome repeating patterns that you may be experiencing in the areas of career, family, relationships.

  • Be able to discuss your strong disturbing emotions or mood swings, dysfunctional or obsessive patterns, mental or emotional breakdowns and any other traumatic experiences or major life events that have affected you.

  • Be ready to discuss any of the following which may apply to you: internal critical voices, fears, phobias, nightmares, poor concentration or memory, learning disabilities, low self esteem, addictive patterns, low vitality, unresolved relationships, relationship difficulties.

  • List all your current health issues and discomforts as well as all major injuries, hospitalizations, surgeries and physical illnesses that you have had.
  • Include any important information that you may know about your conception, womb-time and/or birth.
  • Make a note of family or friends who are significant in your life. List family members or friends that have died.

  • Note significant abusive experiences or relationships.

  • Note any type of para-normal experiences that you may have experienced.
  • Write questions that you have about any areas of your life.

  • List changes you desire to make in your life.

  • It is suggested that you prepare a time line of your life. Starting from the day of your conception (estimate) to the present, place the above requested information in your time line. What you learn from the time line may be very helpful: For instance, you may discover that many significant things happened in a particular year or growing phase of your life.

  • And don't forget, think about how you would like your life to be if everything were ideal!

During your private session you will receive meditations, techniques and suggestions to assure that your healing experience is life altering.

To schedule a private session or free consultation, via phone or in-office, please email: erice132@aol.com or call any of the numbers below.

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e-mail: erice132@aol.com