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In the days after my Alternate Birthing Session I had to sit down and completely remake myself. I had been so much my mother without realizing it. S.R., Phoenix

I have had spinal arthritis for several years. The pain was getting unbearable so as a last resort, I tried a session with Edward Rice. I was surprised to find that the condition was somehow tied into my childhood, especially anger at my father. I don't know how it works but my pain has lessened considerably. Tony D., Ventnor, NJ

Depression has always been a problem for me. During the Alternate Birthing session I learned that it was not my depression that was presistently hanging on. It was my mother's. She had been deeply depressed when she carried me in the womb. It was a relief to separate from her emotions and to begin live my life without carrying her burden. I can't say that my depression is gone but it has lessened significantly. Mina K., Lake Tahoe, CA

When I began hynotherapy with Ed Rice my life was at a low point. He taught me how to visualize and program what I wanted. Through hypnosis I Iearned about why I was repeating the same patterns and I began to change. It took me approximately six months to create the life I wanted -- I'm still amazed. Nancy S., Jupiter, FL

My mother and father never got along. In our recent session I realized that my mother distrusted not only my father, but all men. It was a profound experience for me because I realized why all of my life I have had trouble with authority figures, especially male authority figures. Most important I realized just how much I had not trusted my maleness. These were my mother's feelings that I had taken on as my own. T.S., Santa Fe, NM

I don't know how I would have gotten through chemotherapy without the help of hypnosis. Edward made me a special meditation tape and taught me to use meditation to direct the chemotherapy to work on the cancer, not my body. My doctor couldn't believe my rapid progress and lack of side effects. Doug H., Margate, NJ

For the past five years I had been estranged from my family. It was amazing--when I arrived home [after the session] I had a message on my answering machine from my mother! The next day we had a meaningful conversation for the first time. K.Y., New York, NY

After three miscarriages, my doctor told me that my chances of reaching full pregnancy were not good. Through hypnosis I found out that in a past life I had died during child birth and the fear was preventing me from carrying a child to term. Edward helped me to release the trauma from that past life and I am proud to say that my son was delivered naturally. Annie T., Divide, CO

I always seem to get involved with the same type of men. The scenario is always the same. During the Alternate Birthing session I got to experience my mother's feelings and I realized that I was repeating her pattern. What a relief to finally be free to explore my life. I'll let you know what happens in the future! C.J., Toms River, NJ

I fought with my mother all my life. Recently when I returned home to visit, I enjoyed her as a person. I wasn't even afraid of her. R.C., Bellingham, WA

When I made my first appointment with Edward I was hoping to clear up my allergies -- I got so much more! It started a spiritual awakening that was incredible. With each session I seemed to take a quantum leap. In the process I worked with my inner self, my higher self, guides and past lives currently impacting on this one. My world is so much richer now and my growth continues. What would my life be like now if I hadn't made that appointment? I can't imagine..... Jennie B., New Hope, PA

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