Author, Teacher, Healer, Student 

For three-quarters of a century I have lived the life of a metaphysician and for the last 40 years as a multidimensional healer. As a metaphysician I have spent my life healing this and many of my past and a few future lifetimes in order to become more conscious and aware in this lifetime. As a therapist I used the natural healing brought about by deep trance states to follow a client’s emotional threads to their core beliefs buried beyond their conscious level of awareness. I used these same techniques on myself to heal my troubled and trauma filled childhood.

As an empath I experienced countless inner, past, and future worlds as I guided clients through their darkest and most traumatic present, past, or future lifetimes. These sojourns often afforded clients to experience the moment of their creation by Source as well as the sources of their discomforts through much of their present-self and beyond. Once sources were identified they could be healed and often these soul journeys encountered angels, unseen friends, spirit entities, and possessions who either helped or were disposed of in order for the body to experience a total healing physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I have come to understand that most living humans have the ability and training to become conscious and aware of their past and future lives although most do not believe they presently have the needed skills. By becoming more consciously aware of oneself self-healing is eminent and since the times are so crucial for the further spiritualization of humanity there are fewer and fewer healers and teachers available to help individuals. This is how it should be now since many of us must answer our own questions such as who am I, why am I here, and what am I supposed to be doing? It is during such quests that we remember the answers to our own questions and begin to understand our infirmities, weaknesses, and limitations and how to heal them.

Most of us alive today have at least once during a past lifetime and often during many lifetimes been trained to handle enormous amounts of stress, confusing emotions, and the chaos caused by todays personal, societal, and governmental induced problems? We trained then so we could use those skills now, but not all of us are here to remember how and what we learned since our skills of imagination, creativity, and intent have become automatically and instinctively. Others, however, are living now for the sole purpose of consciously becoming more aware and present in their physical/mineral bodies. These people are here to begin and define a new era. That is what we do as Soul/Spirit beings. It is to those who seek understanding and awareness of their own bodies, emotions, and thoughts to whom I speak.

I have always known that my angels and unseen friends were protecting me, but when I learned how to communicate with them things became interesting. To know, really know your angels and unseens, insures that you will never feel alone again. I have walked between worlds all my life remembering from my earliest memories my metaphysical healer mother constantly reminded me that my angels and unseen friends were always protecting me working toward the time I could communicate in return. I now have constant encounters with my unseens. They are constantly helping me to further my personal studies and awarenesses.

I presently resides quietly in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA where I am focused on my writing and continuing my spiritual understanding and development.